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Finding Time for Cooking

Here is a quick glimpse into my work days (weekends don’t count in my book): I wake up anytime between 5:45-7 am depending on whether I am on “mom duty” or not (I am a part-time single mom).I am out … Continue reading

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Get your fruits in!

USDA says we have to eat like 100 fruits and vegetables  a day – okay maybe more like 5 or 6 but still, it seems impossible. Sometimes I buy a bag of fruits with all the intention of “being good” and eating … Continue reading

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August 25th -29th Munchies

Hello food lovers! Did you think I was going to forget to share my weekly menu with you? Nah. Here is the thing. I recently met a boy named Harry Potter who has made me want to forget about everything else … Continue reading

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August 18-22 Foodie food

Another week, another menu to plan. Planning your meals can be a total pain when you are first starting but once you do it on a few times, it becomes easier and it gets done faster. It helps if you … Continue reading

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March 16th – March 20th Menu

Happy Friday! You almost made it to the weekend – hold on a little longer…you can do it! Usually when Thursday or Friday comes around I get in to meal planning mode for the following work week (weekends are (gasp!) … Continue reading

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