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What’s going on next week?

Let’s pretend “planning your meals” is tip zero, because it should be obvious. When you are busy and want to be organized and to bring a homemade meal to the table most days, you should probably think about what you … Continue reading

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Turkey Pot Pie

I hear the Holidays are around the corner. What happened to 2014? I am SO NOT READY. It’s happening people; let’s embrace it. Before Santa gets here, we have Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It involves lots of food, more … Continue reading

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Chicken Slow Cooked in a Crock pot

Knox County schools start next week. Kids will be crying; parents will high five themselves. If you don’t have kids don’t worry, all your Facebook friends that DO have kids will be posting pictures of their children with their new backpacks, lunch … Continue reading

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Pinchos Morunos

I have already expressed how much I love my new grill. It has seen serious use since I purchased it. When it comes to planning what to grill. I personally like hot dogs and burgers. I can’t get enough. But variety … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo is coming up; just one more excuse for eating Mexican food. As if I needed one. I’ve heard this “holiday” is not actually a big deal in Mexico but somehow it has become an excuse for people … Continue reading

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Grilling Season Begins

I hope everybody had a nice Easter weekend filled with friends, family and possibly lost of candy. I know I did. Holidays where stuffing your face with chocolate is expected and pretty much required are always welcome in this house. … Continue reading

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