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Saturday Night Cooking Extravaganza

Last week I talked about how thinking about your upcoming week is a good way to get an idea of what’s realistic for you and your family when it comes to the eternal question of “what’s for dinner.” Let’s say … Continue reading

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What’s going on next week?

Let’s pretend “planning your meals” is tip zero, because it should be obvious. When you are busy and want to be organized and to bring a homemade meal to the table most days, you should probably think about what you … Continue reading

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Finding Time for Cooking

Here is a quick glimpse into my work days (weekends don’t count in my book): I wake up anytime between 5:45-7 am depending on whether I am on “mom duty” or not (I am a part-time single mom).I am out … Continue reading

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Stop Eating Before is Too Late!

Did you eat ten times your weight during Thanksgiving? Will you continue to stuff your face the entire month of December cause ‘hey! it’s the Holidays!’? Will your numero uno New Year’s resolution be to lose weight in time for … Continue reading

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Rainy Sunday

Winter is here! It is gloomy and rainy and it is Sunday, which basically means R and I will be doing some major cuddling while watching a movie and engulfing in this lovely vegetables that are getting ready to being roasted … Continue reading

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Turkey Pot Pie

I hear the Holidays are around the corner. What happened to 2014? I am SO NOT READY. It’s happening people; let’s embrace it. Before Santa gets here, we have Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It involves lots of food, more … Continue reading

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The Music in Me

#Our assignment for today is to write about the three most important songs in my life and what they mean to us. I have picked two songs and one genre that maybe are not THE most important songs in my … Continue reading

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A Room with a View

#Today’s assignment for Writing101 is to write about a space, a place that has an influence on us. Read if you’d like. Sometimes is hard to write from the heart even if for few sentences. It’s 6 am and the … Continue reading

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Cranberry Apple Cider Cocktail

It’s not always about food around here. Sometimes cocktails are involved…oh yeah baby. I have been saying for a while I need to work on my bar and cocktail making skills. In the mean time, I am trying other people’s … Continue reading

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Excuse me while I set aside 20 minutes of my lunch time today to write about something that is not about food, how busy I get sometimes or GIS (you know, my job that pays the bills). Why am I … Continue reading

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