What’s going on next week?

Let’s pretend “planning your meals” is tip zero, because it should be obvious. When you are busy and want to be organized and to bring a homemade meal to the table most days, you should probably think about what you are eating before 5 pm that day. There are not a lot of shortcuts to this. How do you get to this point though?

Tip number one I can share with you: think about your week. What’s on the calendar that week? Some weeks are busier than others. Are you going to be out the house a lot during the evenings at meetings, sport events, parties, etc? How much time do you have to cook? That will help you figure out what’s realistic for you. Sometimes picking up a pizza on the way home is the only way to go. IT IS OKAY. We love pizza around here. Please share a slice.

Last week I DID NOT feel like cooking. I also had few things going on during the week-nights: Monday night meeting with fellow bloggers, date night, basketball practice, and general laziness. But I still gotta eat right? There probably wasn’t going to be a lot of cooking happening however.

My biggest “worry”  is always lunch time because my office is secluded from the real world and the cafeteria food is not so great, and not so cheap. So if I don’t bring lunch I find myself with less than ideal choices and regret. Always regret. Last week work lunches consisted on a leftover extravaganza:

  • Monday: Sunday night’s remnants of this delicious spaghetti-bolognese from Food52. Sometimes when it is cold outside during the weekend and you don’t want to leave the house, you find an hour and a half to slow-cook meat sauce to go with your favorite pasta, toss a Caesar salad and have a couple of friends over for a casual dinner. Last Sunday was one of those nights. Monday’s lunch reaped the benefits of that dinner.
  • Tuesday: I found myself without “fresh” left overs for lunch so I took advantage of some meals I had made before and froze in a Tupperware. I have to admit I don’t always think of freezing food (that’s another tip for you: freeze food) and I also am not sure if it is going to be good or not when I defrost it. This day I had some chicken with carrots and potatoes. VEREDICT: the fresh, just-made version of this is pretty delicious. The frozen version is not! Oh well.
  • Wednesday/Thursday: More frozen leftovers! This time, a sure thing: vegetable lasagna courtesy of Pinch of Yum What happens when you make lasagna and you live alone or it is just two of you at home and the other person is a tiny eight-year old boy? A) you eat lasagna every day for a week until it is gone and swear to never make it again, b) you eat lasagna for a couple of days, get sick of it and throw away the rest OR c) you freeze half of it. Lasagna that has been cooked, frozen and defrosted tastes pretty good. Try it.
  • Friday: I actually managed to cook Thursday night! Quick cooking: chicken breasts simply seasoned in salt and pepper and pan-fried, snap peas and red beans and rice (from a bag; sorry. I am not perfect). No secrets here. 

Overall it was a good week. I managed to bring lunch to work everyday. Bad thing, I am out of leftovers which means I gotta get cooking  my friends!

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