Finding Time for Cooking

Here is a quick glimpse into my work days (weekends don’t count in my book): I wake up anytime between 5:45-7 am depending on whether I am on “mom duty” or not (I am a part-time single mom).I am out of the house anytime between 7- 8 am. I have a full time job at an office where I (mostly) sit until 5-5:30 pm. Three to four times a week I head to a 6 pm bootcamp class, other days I have kid-sport commitments. EVERYDAY I get home close to 7:30 pm. I am gone about 12 hours of my day. This is probably what most people’s days look like. Now here is what I am sure most people don’t do: five out of five nights there is a homemade dinner at home and I bring leftovers for lunch to work. Where do I find the time to cook when I am gone so much?

I wished I could outline in a simple bulleted list what goes on in my head to make it all happen. I am sure there is some magazine out there that has a list titled “Ways to Find Time to Cook” or something along those lines. I find sometimes those lists are not “real.” Everyone is super busy these days. It is not easy. I am lucky organization comes natural to me. My hope is to share my mental process with you, share my weekly-life and also of course share some recipes I think are yummy.

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