Stop Eating Before is Too Late!

Did you eat ten times your weight during Thanksgiving? Will you continue to stuff your face the entire month of December cause ‘hey! it’s the Holidays!’? Will your numero uno New Year’s resolution be to lose weight in time for summer? If you answered yes to all the above then join my team…and everyone else’s for that matter.

This year I decided that why wait for January 1st to start dieting, let’s start December 1st and get a head start! My concept of “diet” is a loose one. I don’t diet. I just can’t do it. I use other strategies like increasing my servings of fruits and vegetables and lowering carbs during the evening. It helps me not go crazy thinking about cheese and chocolate all day long.

If you are a Pinterest-craze person you will start seeing a lot of pins for juices and smoothies and cleanses and stuff along those lines to help you detox after the holidays. I not a big juice person but I do like smoothies. Replacing one meal with a good smoothie is something I have done in the past and enjoyed. There are TONS of recipes for smoothies. I’ve wanted to try some green ones and I recently saw a link for some tips on how to make green smoothies from 100 Days of Real Food. I plan on trying some of these combos this week. I will share my thoughts!


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