Turkey Pot Pie

I hear the Holidays are around the corner. What happened to 2014? I am SO NOT READY. It’s happening people; let’s embrace it.

Before Santa gets here, we have Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It involves lots of food, more food, and some post-food food coma. And no pressure of presents! Thanksgiving is truly about chilling with your friends and family and enjoying some quality time. Then Black Friday comes around, and every household is faced with the unknown of what to do with all the leftovers!!! Well my friends, here is an idea – make turkey pot pie!

Let me tell you a crazy story. Last weekend Slow Food Tennessee Valley hosted their 4th Annual Pie Contest to benefit the Davis Family YMCA Community Garden. Entries could be either sweet or savory. I of course wanted to go – pie tasting. Hello!! But what to make??My friend suggested turkey pot pie. Sureeeeeeee. Why not? Something different I don’t usually make. So I did. And guess what. I WON! SOMEHOW the judges decided that my food tasted good enough to win this lovely book I am holding.

When my name was announced, my face looked like an actor who just won the Oscar. I immediately pull out my speech out of my cleavage…no I didn’t. There wasn’t a speech. But I was happy a group of people outside my little circle of men and the occasional friend who is brave enough to eat with me sometimes actually enjoyed my food.

Look how Adrian enjoyed eating! And look at some samples on my plate! So good. So full. Do I have to wait another year for this event? Should I hold my own pie tasting contest where I am the only judge and only I get to taste the pies?

I didn’t come up with my own recipe of course. I relied on the professionals for this task: Martha Stewart and the Pioneer Woman. I used Martha’s recipe for pie crust and Ree’s recipe for the filling. I had to add more flour than suggested to get the gravy to get thick so adjust your recipe as necessary. Next time I may add some peas or mushrooms if I have some at hand. You should try this classic meal for your post-Thanksgiving-feast. Enjoy!

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