The Music in Me

#Our assignment for today is to write about the three most important songs in my life and what they mean to us.

I have picked two songs and one genre that maybe are not THE most important songs in my life but are all that mean something to mean and bring good memories or thoughts.

  1. The first “song” is actually a genre, not a specific song and it is any Sevillana. Sevillana is a traditional dance from southern Spain named after the town of Seville (excuse the following Spain geography notes that most people are not familiar with). Every time I hear one of these songs it reminds me of our road trips from Madrid to Malaga. We would cross the boundary between Castilla La Mancha and Andalucia my dad would switch whatever music was on the radio was to a tape (yes cassette tape) of Sevillanas and say “we are in Andalucia” now. And I would immediately think of myself as a 9 year old learning how to dance Sevillanas while wearing a Flamenco dress. Of course my sisters and I would complain about the choice of music, but I would dance in my head for few minutes.
  2. Song numero dos is also related to my life in Spain and it is the song “Mar Antiguo” by El Ultimo de la Fila. I highly recommend you listen to ANY of their songs. This duo had the best, best poetic, complicated lyrics and was just really good. This specific song talks about the Mediterranean Sea which is where I grew up. I think a lot of people that grow up by the ocean have some sort of connection to the water and the smell of the salt and it is a very calming effect. This song has a very calming, peaceful effect on me. The guitar is also pretty incredible.

  1. My last song is You and I Both by Jason Mraz. I am going to ramble a bit on this one because I don’t want to go on for pages here and I could. I have loved this song for a long time. I think Jason Mraz is a great lyricist and overall musician, though some of his most famous songs may be on the cheesy side. I can’t ever get tired of listening to this song. I don’t really know what the original meaning was to Mr. Mraz (I’ve heard something about a guy sleeping with a girl the girl getting up the next day to make eggs…but there is love in there somewhere too). To me this song is about having loved someone with all your heart and then losing that person but then reflecting back on how great that love was and having great memories about the relationship and the person even though the relationship ended. Also it is about hoping happiness finds that person in the future and making peace with that and being happy for them. As he says in the song, it is about “balancing the whole thing” after it is over. I think anyone with a pulse has been broken hearted at some point in their lives and has felt lost and thought the world may end and they’ll never love again. But the world doesn’t end, and I think this feeling is something everyone can relate to. This song means a lot to me because, to quote someone else (I won’t say who because it’s way too embarrassing), “love is the only thing that matters” and I truly think love is the most important thing in our lives and it is what people will remember about us when we die – so stop working so hard and love someone with all your heart! This song represents hopefulness and to me is uplifting and it always makes me smile when I listen to it. Like I said, a little rambling.
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