A Room with a View

#Today’s assignment for Writing101 is to write about a space, a place that has an influence on us. Read if you’d like. Sometimes is hard to write from the heart even if for few sentences.

It’s 6 am and the alarm starts buzzing. I quickly turn it off for I can’t take the sound for very long. As I open my eyes I think about the day, I think about the past and everything I miss and I tell myself to stop, to think about the present, of everything I have and that today is a new day. Mornings are always hard. As I walk down the hallway everything is dark but I know where to go. I end up in the kitchen, start my morning fuel. Sometimes I look out the window and just stare at the trees, hear the birds chirping, the sky is changing, the sun is coming up. I walk back and stop at the entrance of his room.

My son’s room. This room is happiness. Even when he is not there I walk in and think of him as I smile. Sometimes I just stand in the doorway and look inside thinking about the time I’ll see him next. There are toys everywhere. Toys he never plays with but won’t give away. Books he won’t read anymore. Books he likes to read all the time. There are trophies from all his attempts at different sports; some pictures of us, clothes on the floor, dirty socks from the day before, an empty fish tank. We’ve killed many goldfish. Today he is here. In the darkness I watch him while he is sleeping. I can hear him breathing and I smile. I often just stare and watch him; his hair is all over the place. I notice he drank all his water in the middle of the night, I wonder how he made such a mess of his bed in a few hours. There is a distinct smell. I walk up to him and watch his peaceful face and then I walk away. I will be back soon to wake him up and start the day.

This room is happiness. He is happiness.

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