Excuse me while I set aside 20 minutes of my lunch time today to write about something that is not about food, how busy I get sometimes or GIS (you know, my job that pays the bills). Why am I doing this? Today is the first day of Writing 101 and my first tasks is to spend the next 20 minutes writing about whatever is on my mind, which has so much lately and so scattered all over the place. Feel free to stop reading right now.

During the last month, I have been planning some fun trips for the rest of 2014. I like traveling, I like visiting new places but I haven’t done nearly enough of it in the last few years. “Life”, responsibilities and guilt have gotten in the way. Recently I was lucky enough to have a dear friend of mine give me the opportunity to travel as much or little as I want until March 2015 using some fun traveling benefits (I may not let her take this away from me then – I hope she is not reading this). My first trip was visiting her in Atlanta. Not as exciting as it sounds considering Atlanta is three hours away from where I live and I can easily drive, but it was fun to hop on a place for 45 minutes not knowing if I would actually make it on the plane OR back home the next day because I was traveling on stand-by. But I made it there. And I made it back home. And it was a nice break. Where am I going next? Here is the list: Dallas, Washington, DC, Tampa, and California. This will take me to the end of 2014.Next year is still in the works.There may be time for something else in between those trips who knows.

I have never ever gone anywhere alone, and granted not all of these trips are solo trips, but still, the idea of going places alone is scary to me but kinda liberating at the same time. I am looking forward to every one of these trips. I am afraid I may become addicted.

Why am I doing this anyways? It occurred to me recently I have never in my life done something selfish and just done it for me and only for me. It’s not part of my nature and doing things like spending Christmas in California by myself instead of spending it with family seems to be slightly selfish just because it has never happened! In my entire life! But it’s happening this year unless something terrible happens between now and then. Anyways! There is much more I could say about this and also more selfish things I have been doing and planning but my 20 minutes are up and I must go continue work. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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