The Makings of a Lunchable

I was going to start this post but saying this may be the most ridiculous thing that can happen to me as a mother but let’s face it, Adrian is only seven, chances are these shenanigans will continue for years to come. Let me share my story.

For the last two years I have been trying hard to get Adrian to be a packer at school. If you are not familiar with elementary school lingo, a packer is someone who packs his lunch to school. He wants to be a buyer (someone who buys lunch from the cafeteria) like all his friends. It has been a battle.

Moving on to summer. Adri has been attending a day summer camp that usually provides lunch but once a week the kids go on a field trip and they have to bring their own lunch. I always try to pull together leftovers and add some treats like cookies to make it yummier. Wednesday afternoon I picked him up from summer camp and he told me “mommy, I want to buy a lunchable for tomorrow’s field trip.”  I said ok, I can do this. One time. So we went to the grocery store and bought this 6-in turkey and cheddar cheese Lunchable Uploaded. This thing has the bread (6-inch), turkey, cheese, two Hershey’s kisses, Pringles and KOOL-AID.

Flash forward to Thursday afternoon. I am driving to school and I think “hmmm if he likes these lunchables, I can make my own at home and he can be a packer when school starts in two weeks.” Adri and I get in the car and I tell him this brilliant idea and he says “No!” Why not? I asked. “You need 6-inch bread and cheddar cheese and turkey. Do you even have the ingredients to make the lunchable? “, he says.  Well I can buy these things at the store. “Do you even know how to make KOOL-AID?” Yes yes I can buy KOOL-AID and mix it in your water bottle. “No! No! It has to be Spring water!” Whatever kid! Finally he says, “okay let’s make a deal. You make me this thing for dinner and if I like it I will be a packer. Deal?” For some reason I agreed to this. Now imagine this conversation going on back and forth for ten minutes. I have so much patient is not even funny.

Off we go to the grocery story to buy bread, Hershey’s kisses and the KOOL-AID. He tried to get me to buy this “Spring water” I supposedly need to make mix the KOOL-AID but this is where I draw the line kiddo! Tap water! As we are leaving he is carefully explaining to me how to make this sandwich. How many slices of turkey I need to use (four), how to cut the cheese (four small square pieces) and how many Pringles (five). We head home and I made this (he made me use a ruler to measure the bread to exactly 6-inches – can’t make these stuff up)….

IMG_20140724_210620Apparently the bread was crunchier than the original but I still got a thumbs up on the deal. Points for mom. Feel free to yell at me for putting up with this. I enjoy he has a big personality and is feisty – everything is hereditary my friends. EVERYTHING.


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