Grilling Season Begins

I hope everybody had a nice Easter weekend filled with friends, family and possibly lost of candy. I know I did. Holidays where stuffing your face with chocolate is expected and pretty much required are always welcome in this house. But I ate more than just candy and chocolate this weekend. Oh yeah. I made an exciting purchase that involved cooking fabulous good. I got my very first grill…and it’s marvelous. Grilling is so fun and the weather is finally nice and perfect to cook out pretty much as many days as your heart can handle. Now, I had to carry that puppy in my little Prius and put it together myself but luckily I had help from my lovely friend Grace. As you can imagine, just like putting IKEA furniture together with your significant other can be a serious test in your relationship, putting together a grill can be a test in your friendship. This is not a job for the weak. Okay it wasn’t actually that hard and we passed the test with flying colors, though Grace did say “I am never coming back to your house.” I think she was joking.

As much as we both enjoyed putting together that grill, the fun started right after by cooking some amazing food. Our menu consisted on flank steak, chicken thighs, corn, a light salad , rolls AND some delicious dessert too good to bring up right now. Did I mention it was just three of us? Start drooling with the end results…

"I taste good and I know it"

There are SO MANY ways to prepare any food for your grill but this is what we chose for our evening. We kept the seasoning simple for the flank steak adding just plain old kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. The corn was kept all-natural with no seasoning.

Now the chicken, oh my, the chicken was heavily seasoned using this Creole seasoning I mixed together using spices I had at home. I highly recommend using this seasoning and making it yourself.  All the spices used are commonly found in any pantry. The results are pretty tasty. When preparing this chicken make sure to rinse your meat with cold water first and then adding A LOT of the Creole mix to every part of the chicken making sure to season under the skin. Once your chicken is seasoned, place the chicken skin-side up on a pre-heated grill and cook slowly for about 20-25 minutes. I kept one burner off on the grill and placed the chicken on that side. The heat coming from the other two burners added enough heat to cook the chicken slowly. After 20-25 minutes flip the chicken skin-side down and move around your grill if needed to make sure all pieces are getting enough heat. Cook about 20 more minutes or until cooked through.

I have to confess I am a rookie when it comes to grilling so please share your recipes and ideas with me!

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