Welcome Spring!

Hello food lovers. How has your week been? Mine was busy busy; so busy I haven’t chatted with you in weeks! Well it was only been one week but it feels like forever. The biggest news of this week is that SPRING HAS ARRIVED! At least in the official calendar…the Weather Channel hasn’t fully caught up yet. If you haven’t heard me say this I will tell you: I am over this winter. I am over the rain, snow and clouds. I want the sun in my face.

This weekend is going to be a good one. My dear friend Florencia is coming to visit and I am excited to see her. It’s going to be a reunion of the former Knoxville-South American-Spaniard crowd to be remembered for ages. But before I day dream about the weekend, I want to share with you next week’s meal plan.

March 24-28 Menu

March 24-28 Menu

I must confess last week’s plan didn’t go FULLY as advertised. I had planned on making chicken quesadillas with left over chicken from Wednesday night. Except we ate all the chicken. So I thought “I will make black bean quesadillas instead, those are delicious!”…and then when we came back from baseball practice I opened my pantry and there were not black beans to be seen. This is a staple in my house so I didn’t think of checking when I was putting together my grocery list.  So on to plan C, regular plain old quesadillas with just cheese plus a side salad. And then plan C failed too – I didn’t have enough cheese to make quesadillas! No cheese? Am I even in the right house? I swear this never happens. What to do? I gave in and ordered pizza. Yes, yes I did. Don’t judge. It was good. It covered all food groups: vegetables, protein, dairy and carbs. I hope next week’s plan works a little better and I am actually ready to make these yummy meals.

But don’t worry, the weekend is here and it’s going to be fabulous.

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