March 16th – March 20th Menu

Happy Friday! You almost made it to the weekend – hold on a little longer…you can do it!

Usually when Thursday or Friday comes around I get in to meal planning mode for the following work week (weekends are (gasp!) free flow) and I get my grocery shopping list ready. MOST OF THE TIME I do grocery shopping at some point during the weekend though sometimes it spills into Monday after work. Below is my menu for next week. I am taking advantage of some veggies I have in the fridge and also left-over chicken from Wednesday night rolls into Thursday’s quesadillas –  if you are truly a kitchen master you can make your own chicken stock from the chicken bones. Go ahead and start bragging about that now. I promise to share these recipes with you but for now hopefully this will get your ideas flowing to start your own menu. Enjoy and happy weekend!


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  1. Mama says:

    Lo sigo leyendo,mama

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