Many evenings are full with kid’s activities. Adrian attends karate lessons twice a week year round. He has a green belt now and could PROBABLY kick my butt if he wasn’t 4-ft tall. For the last two years, he has also played baseball during the spring and fall seasons. Our spring season just started last week. If you have been involved in any kid’s league you know it is TIME CONSUMING. Baseball is usually one day of practice plus two games each week. That’s three days we are out in the field getting dusty. If practice or games fall on a weekday (which most of them do), it is rush madness to drive home, have dinner, take a bath and get Adrian in bed at a reasonable time – let’s pretend he doesn’t have homework sometimes also.

Dugout action last season

Dugout action last season

On busy days like that, I rely on one of two things: my trusty Crock-Pot (I will share some of those recipes another time) or easy, fast and tasty recipes like this Baked Ravioli I pulled from What’s Gaby Cooking. I often rely on Pinterest or other food blogs for delicious recipes and What’s Gaby Cooking is one of those blogs – these people are the experts after all. Check this blog out and prepare to indulge your eyes; unfortunately it may make you mad you don’t have Gaby’s seemingly awesome life but oh well, a girl can dream.

This Baked Ravioli is the perfect combination of a great recipe: few ingredients commonly found in your pantry or fridge, make-ahead potential, pasta and cheese (these last two make it kid friendly cause let’s face it, every child is programmed to like cheese and pasta). We will be enjoying this baked goodness later on tonight along a nice side salad so we can claim our daily veggies. So let’s do this – prepare your fork!

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