Salad night

Today I started a new job. For the last week and change I have been enjoying a mini-vacation and thinking about this blog and other fun things I don’t get to do often. But vacation is over, which means I need to get back to pre-thinking my weekly munchies and of course sharing them with you. Also it seems spring is trying to make its way through Knoxville. Spring calls for salad times (also during my time off I paid a visit to the mall and realized bathing suits are out and I am so not ready to be seen on a bikini). So salad is what we are having tonight. Two delicious salads in one plate: Orzo Greek Salad and a Crunchy Kale Salad with Maple Orange Tahini Dressing


Orzo salad is an tasty meal that can be done the night before and it really takes no time at all to put together. I think the salad tastes better after all the ingredients have been sitting together for few hours. Orzo is actually a tiny pasta shaped like rice so even though this is called a “salad” is not actually a green-salad, but it is still nice and light.

Kale is all the rave now. I have unsuccessfully tried many recipes in the past but this one I am sharing with you is a winner in my opinion. This salad takes five minutes to put together. Chop chop all the ingredients, mix the dressing (which could also be done the night before while you are making the orzo) and you are done.

Check out the recipes for these two amazing companions here and here!

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