Welcome to Adri Con Queso!

I am Maria. This is my first post ever! Here you will find an inside in my obsession with food planning and my endless search for recipes that are easy, quick, delicious in the pursuit of putting a homemade meal on the table every day (or most days) while at the same time keeping a full time job, taking care of a seven year-old with increasing loads of homework and activities, keeping a consistent weekly workout routine, keeping the house clean and organized, the laundry done, maintaining a social life…(wooooo, I am exhausted already!). This is the dream people!

It all comes down to this: I am a planner. My life is pretty structured. I like it that way. When it comes to food, I like to have an idea what I am serving each night (even if I am alone). In all seriousness, what’s the first question we get the moment we walk through the door after a day of daytime activities: what’s for dinner? WHO LIKES THAT QUESTION??? How many times have you turned to eating out or ordering pizza because nothing in your fridge sounded appetizing? It’s a travesty. So every week at some point between Thursday and Sunday I sit down and Pinterest my way away into a weekly menu which then helps me put together my weekly grocery shopping list (lists are a side effect of planning-itis). I search my favorite food blogs, I look at my cookbooks, I dig back back in my brain for stuff to make. I also like variety. I get bored easily. I’ve been doing this menu planning thing for a while and I starting tossing the idea of blogging my attempts and success. I’ve been a chicken about it to be honest but here I am now. Finally. Welcome.

Let me tell you few things about me:

  1. I was born in Spain.
  2. Against all assumptions about Spanish people, I don’t do naps (unless I am SUPER tired).
  3. “Adri” is my nickname for my son Adrian
  4. “Con queso” means “with cheese” in Spanish.
  5. We both love cheese!
  6. I didn’t start cooking until I was a senior in college (don’t ask me how long ago that was).
  7. I don’t have training in cooking – my mom is a terrible teacher (I tell her all the time).
  8. My introduction to cooking was an issue to Cooking Light magazine back in 2000.
  9. I’ve maintained a subscription on and off ever since.
  10. I moved to the United States in 1996 to attend college.
  11. Since then, I have lived in Vincennes, IN, Gainesville, FL and Knoxville, TN (my current locale).
  12. I am a naturalized citizen.
  13. I love Mexican food, Indian, Italian, American…okay I love most food.
  14. BUT, I hate mashed potatoes. Don’t ever try to fool me!
  15. I like when spicy food is so good you eat it really fast because you think it will make the food less spicy.
  16. That doesn’t work and it usually makes me overeat. But it’s all good if the food is amazing.
  17. I have a 7 year old boy who lives with me half the time.
  18. He doesn’t always enjoy my attempts to put new foods into his Sponge Bob Square Pants plate.
  19. I keep trying.
  20. His favorite foods are pasta and cheeseburgers (the order of preference can vary).
  21. My daytime job is being GIS Analyst at Oak Ridge National Lab.
  22. I ran my first Half Marathon in 2013; the 4 Bridges Half Marathon in Chattanooga, TN.
  23. Somehow I want to keep running more.
  24. I love the beach.
  25. Chips are my weakness.

Enjoy my blog!

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2 Responses to Welcome to Adri Con Queso!

  1. Anita dinamita says:

    Jejeje quien te ha visto y quien te ve… A ver cual va a ser la primera receta..yo creo q a Adri le gustan más las croquetas que las pizzas… : )

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